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 MEDIA RELEASE 16th November 2015:       $300k Drought and Natural Disaster Relief Announced

 The Department of Education and Training has committed to supporting Drought and Natural Relief Assistance through a partnership with State Schools’ Relief.

 State Schools’ Relief will contribute $150,000 each year for two years into a standalone Natural Disaster fund. These monies will be drawn from the current four year funding agreement with the department.

This fund will be focus on Drought Relief initially. Any unspent funds will be utilised for future natural disasters.

To promote this partnership, State Schools’ Relief will undertake a roadshow in key drought affected areas, and work with our Stakeholders including Parents Victoria (VPA), Australian Education Union (AEU), Victorian Principals Assocation (VPA), Victorian Association for Secondary School Principals (VASSP), Association for Business Managers in Victorian State School’s (ABMVSS) and Student Government Assocation (SGA) to ensure these funds are directed to families affected by Drought.

State Schools’ Relief has provided support to families experiencing financial difficulties in Victorian State Schools since 1930. Each year State Schools’ Relief provides support to more than 12,000 students, assisting student to continue to participate in their education.



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