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A new partnership between Monash MBA and State Schools' Relief was announced at a public lecture, co-hosted by Monash MBA, recognising the role of Government education in tackling disadvantage.

State Schools' Relief is a not-for-profit organisation which provides school uniforms and footwear to Victorian state school students, who are experiencing financial difficulties.

"To maintain support, interest and relevancy of State Schools' Relief with the wider philanthropic community, we need to be able to concisely communicate the impact of providing uniforms to disadvantaged children to ensure their attendance at school," said Stephen Iles, Chief Executive, State Schools' Relief.

And this is where the partnership with Monash MBA will assist. As part of their Community Corporate Project, a group of Monash Executive MBA students will examine the financial impact of the organisation and express this as a social return on investment for State Schools' Relief.

The students will first undertake an in-depth exploration of the business problem, followed by four days of 'in-company' work. At the end of the project, the group will formally present their findings to senior management and provide a detailed written report.

"It is a great opportunity for our Executive MBA students to not only apply their learned knowledge on a real business case, but also to make a real contribution to State Schools' Relief and, most importantly, the broader community," said Anthony Straw, Monash MBA Programs External Relations Manager.

The partnership is consistent with the broader aim of the Monash MBA programs to develop socially responsible leaders. In addition to the Community Corporate Project, the partnership will also include a speaker series and access to experts in the not-for-profit sector.

For more information on Monash MBA programs and the Community Corporate Project, visit the Monash MBA website.