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"I'm writing to request assistance for a year 9 student. She is in desperate need of a new pair of shoes; the ones she has have split down the sides and are not weatherproof at all. The family has had a difficult time lately. One of the children has been diagnosed with a condition requiring regular visits to a specialist adding significant medical expenses to the family. The mother is actively seeking employment but has been unsuccessful so far. The family is very embarrassed about their inability to provide new shoes for their daughter. I believe this family is in genuine need of help". – Anonymous teacher.


Do you need help?

If you are struggling financially to provide for your childs government education, make an appointment with the school principal or assistant principal/welfare coordinator to discuss your situation.


Do you want to help?

If you would like to do something to help disadvantaged Victorian kids, please talk to us. We are always looking for new ideas, groups and organisations to partner with in order to provide more Victorian children with opportunities to succeed in education.


We are different because:

  • We don’t provide money directly to the parents or children – we provide practical assistance directly to the child through quality school clothing, generic uniforms, footwear, socks and underwear free of charge or by authorisation to purchase from their school shop or supplier on a co-payment basis
  • 100% of your donation goes directly to helping Victorian students with footwear and uniforms for school. State Schools' Relief acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.
  • The only criteria is that the child must be enrolled in a Victorian Government school. We understand that every circumstance is different. There are a variety of situations where the child may need support such as poverty, neglect, homelessness, financial hardship, family violence, illness and the devastating effects of house fires and natural disasters.


State Schools’ Relief is a registered charity with endorsement for charity concessions and Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Status. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

When you donate to State Schools’ Relief, you're making a positive difference to a Victorian child. There is every chance that your donation is going to a child in your local area, your child’s school or sporting club.

Participation in education is the main path out of poverty and this pathway must remain open to every child - please donate today!



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