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Payroll Giving




Teachers have reported that inappropriate school clothing triggers a range of negative consequences from bullying through to children not attending school.

You can make a difference to a Victorian child life!

The organisation began in 1930 during the great depression when a committee of concerned Teacher and Principals was formed to provide footwear, clothing and food to children in need.
Today the referral for our services is still made by the Principals and Teachers of Victorian schools’ ensuring that the families and children maintain their dignity among other school peers.

Teachers, school support, and public service employees can contribute directly to their charity via the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) payroll system.The pre tax contribution is shown on your PAYG payment summary issued by DET.

There is every chance you are helping a child you know - they might be at your school or another school in your local area.


To Join online:

1. Logon to edugate and
    start payroll giving today

2. Fill out the form and 
    press submit.

Another way to join:

1. Download and print the Payroll giving form and return to your Business Manager

2. Download and print the Business Managers instructions for staff payroll donations

3. Provide the filled out form payroll giving form and Business Manager instructions to your Business Manager to process