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Sometimes life doesn’t work out as we planned teachers share their stories about the kids we help in their schools.

Please find attached some applications for clothes for the Smith children.  The mum is single with 5 children. 23 people live in the 3 bedroom house.  Ms Smith and her 5 children sleep in one bed.
This family is in desperate need. – Anonymous teacher
Two brothers, Jayden and Daniel were coming to school on alternative days because they were sharing the same pair of school shoes. 
The school contacted SSR promptly and new shoes for each of the boys were sent out within 24 hours.

 “I have a student that needs your help. His life has been plagued with domestic violence in the home.  It is very important that he looks to be like the other students.  Jamie has been to school during winter in bare feet or with a pair of old canvas shoes which are far too big for him and have holes in the soles. I would be delighted if you could help him.” – Anonymous teacher

Mia is the only child of a single mother who lost her husband in a motorbike accident last year. She never asks for anything from the school and does her very best to meet the needs of her child. Mia has been wearing oversized track suit pants and wind cheaters for the colder months.
Ms Johns has been keeping her child home for months and months. She has finally brought her child to school - his clothing are in a poor state. To help get him back into school we are trying to support him and his mum. Thanks for your support.
Many thanks for your help with this one. Olivia will be very pleased when she hears that she has a uniform. A skin tight pink tank top and tight floral ragged shorts were not a good look in a sea of a navy school uniform.

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All names and photographs have been changed to protect the anonymity and dignity of the students requiring our assistance.