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Have you ever gone to school with no shoes on?

Walk a mile in my shoes...

State Schools’ Relief helps students with footwear and clothing for school. We help students that may be facing challenges like trouble at home, family illness, students who have lost everything due to house fires and natural disasters or help out if the parents can’t afford the uniform and shoes for school.

We know how important it is to have the same uniform and look like everyone else when you are at school.

That’s why we work with every government school in Victoria to make sure that all students regardless of background can participate in school activities and have access to education.

If you or your parent/guardian is struggling to provide your uniform for school; make an appointment with the school principal or assistant principal/welfare coordinator to discuss your situation.



There are plenty of activities you can do to fundraise for State Schools' Relief. more


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Hold a fundraiser for State Schools' Relief during Anti Poverty week 16-22 October 2016 and help us eliminate poverty in Victorian schools. more

Each day children go to school without appropriate footwear. Some children do not have any shoes to wear to school. more