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Smart Steps Shoe Fun Run

Hold a fun run through your school to raise awareness of the thousands of students that face each day wearing inappropriate, uncomfortable shoes for school which stops their ability to participate in school and sporting activities.

Each day children go to school without appropriate footwear and good quality clothing.

This impacts their time in the play ground with fellow students and their ability to participate in all school activities.

Having the correct footwear and increases the physical and mental health of children, and their ability to participate in school activities.

Why not partner this with your annual Cross country and bring the issue into the conscious of Victorian children and provide them with the tools to make a positive change in other disadvantaged Victorian lives. 

Enter your school details and register your runners for your schools annual cross country day. Schools can invoice us for 30% of the money raised.

A walk it, jog it, run it approach will encourage students of all ages and abilities to participate.

Having no shoes for school is a real issue for many Victorian students. Each year we send over 3000 pairs of shoes to schools throughout Victoria.

Due to our buying power every $50 raised will put a $90 pair of shoes on a child.

By participating in the fundraising and taking ownership of it, students’ compassion for making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged students in Victoria can be turned into tangible action.

We would love to work with the schools on this project to develop the students:

  • Project management skills: Youth will learn how to organise a project, develop public speaking and project management skills.
  • Social competency: learn how to develop empathy for other perspectives, and build teamwork and a sense of responsibility.
  • Identity exploration: Broadening their perspectives as well as their sense of empowerment and possibilities.
  • Social Responsibilities: An increase in a sense of social responsibility which may lead to greater engagement with the community.
  • Social impact: Communicate and build new relationships with peers and adults.

Contact us on 03 9575 7900 to discuss this further.

Don't forget to tell us about your activity. We'd love to hear stories and post your photos on our website. Just email them to us after the event. Email us your story and photos.

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