Who Are We?

Our Mission

Participation in education is the main way out of poverty and this pathway must remain open to every child. It is our belief that all students deserve the opportunity to participate in their school’s educational activities without barriers. It is our mission to help break down these barriers.

Who Are We?

State Schools’ Relief is a not for profit organisation that supports the needs of underprivileged Victorian government school students by providing new school uniforms, shoes and educational resources. We work side by side with all Victorian Primary, Secondary, Special Developmental and Language schools to ensure that any students facing hardship have the necessary clothing and appropriate footwear for school.

Growing up is hard enough, yet thousands of Victorian children go to school each year without warm clothing and good quality shoes.

Teachers have reported that inappropriate school clothing triggers a range of negative consequences from bullying through to children not attending school.

State Schools’ Relief offers a simple solution. Our practical service ensures that every student, regardless of their background, can fully participate in education.  Having a uniform and looking like everyone else ensures that all students feel included and valued. It provides everyone, regardless of background, with the opportunity to participate fully in schooling.

State Schools’ Relief is unique; no other Australian state has a similar organisation.

Our service promotes each child’s dignity because the service is run anonymously through the schools.

It would be almost impossible to find a State School, no matter how prosperous, which has not had at least one student who has received assistance from us since our inception in 1930.

We have supported hundreds of thousands of young Victorian students and their families.

Demand continues to grow; in the past we consistently assisted around 10,000 students – in the 2017/2018 financial year this grew to more than 56,000 – meaning that we assist in clothing 1 in 10 students for school each year.